Taylor Seville Big Magic Clips

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Taylor Seville Big Magic Clips - 2016022 - 12 pieces - Taylor Seville Big Magic Clips™ are the only sewing clips you can sew right over without removing them from your project. These clips are ideal for holding several layers of fabric together without slippage. Whether you are hemming heavy weight fabrics, quilting, working with leather, cork and vinyl, the Big Magic Clip™ will hold your project  A great alternative to pins as they do not leave a mark on the materials used. These clips are made of quality stainless steel and plastic. At 2⅛ inch, the Big Magic Clip™ is sturdy enough to hold together your toughest sewing, quilting and other craft projects that need machine stitching. Each clip has easy to read markings with clear legends in front and back of the packaging.