STWB BLES4 - Acclaim Inspirational Guide


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Baby Lock - Acclaim Inspirational Guide - STWB BLES4

Get the most out of your Baby Lock Acclaim with the Inspirational Guide designed to help you explore all the techniques your serger.

In Nick's own words - "These are like instruction manuals on steroids!"

Why we like these: "Nothing against the engineers that write our instruction manuals, but they don't sew!" These inspirational guides are written & designed by the customer service team in-house at Baby Lock in Fenton, MO.

What you're getting: a handful of tips & tricks exclusive to Baby Lock Owners alongside easy to read, step-by-step directions. It's as simple & easy as it gets!

Plus, when you're sewing on the weekends or at night when you can't necessarily reach us, these are the perfect companion!